IT – Information Technology

This section is a resource to provide information on updating your IT skills . If you think the details are now incorrect and outdated please contact our secretary with an alternative. Also if there is one you use, and is relevant but not included please forward the link.

For those with Mac computers, or iPads, this is a site with good on line tutorials.

You can also book in for your free hands on tutorials at your local Apple store

For your PC there are a multitude of “youtube videos’ for powerpoint, excel, and word, email to help you.

For better clinical photography the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course- i.e. free) Future Learn have one course.

Future learn are the on line form of the open university and another  dental course on Oral cancer will be released soon. There may be more to follow. There are many other useful courses on business, mentoring, clinical research, and the mindfulness that may be of benefit in the workplace.